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We aim to ensure that all children attend school regularly and on time to enable them to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available. Regular, punctual attendance is valued and positively encouraged for all of our pupils. (Further detailed information can be found in our attendance policy under downloads.)



Learning at our school is inclusive, interactive and sequential, requiring the participation of the pupils with the teacher and peers during learning time. This is affected when a pupil is absent or persistently late – not only for that pupil, but for the dynamics of the entire class. This is both during their absence as well as upon their return, when time is taken to reintegrate them into the learning context of the class. Additionally, catch up tasks can help make up for lost work, but cannot replicate the discussions led by the teacher and/or children, questions raised by other pupils, or the activities conducted in class.


Children may be considered at risk if they do not attend school regularly. Safeguarding the interests of each child is everyone’s responsibility. Within the context of this school, promoting the welfare and life opportunities for every pupil encompasses: Attendance, Strong Relationship Management, Health and Safety, Access to the Curriculum and Anti-bullying. Not attending school on a regular basis will be considered as a safeguarding matter.

The Law relating to attendance: 

Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 states that ‘the parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him / her to receive full-time education suitable: (a) to age, ability and aptitude and (b) to any special educational needs he/ she may have, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise’

The Law relating to safeguarding: 

Section 175 of the Education Act 2002 places a duty on local authorities and governing bodies to have regard to guidance issued by the Secretary of State with regard to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and students under the age of 18.


Our school day begins at 8:45am and finishes at 3:15pm. 

Children who arrive between 8.45am and 8.50am will be marked present. 

Children who arrive after 8.50am but before 9am will be marked as late (code L) on the register.

Children who arrive after 9am will be marked as unauthorised absence. 

If a child arrives at school after the registration session has ended, they must immediately go to the school office to sign in and provide a reason for the lateness.

Children will usually be accompanied by their parent/s if late after the registration session has ended. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation, the register will be marked as unauthorised late absence (code U). A ‘U code’ constitutes an unauthorised absence for the whole morning or afternoon session. Legal action may be taken for continued U code absences. 

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Vulnerable pupils should always be accompanied to their first lesson by a member of school staff in order to ensure they are settled in their learning.

It is important that pupils are punctual so that they do not miss out on the beginning of each school day. Children must attend on time to be given a present mark for the start of the day.

If a pupil arrives late to school every day, their learning begins to suffer. 


We expect the following from all of our pupils:

• To attend school regularly

• To arrive on time and appropriately prepared for the day, having eaten breakfast

• To talk to a member of staff about any problem or reason that may prevent them from attending school


Celebration and Expectation

We believe that celebrating attendance is key; whether our children have met our goals of attending school every day, or have made great strides to attend regularly in spite of contributing factors outside of their control. 

We will also share whole school attendance information regularly to Parents and Carers to keep everyone informed. Teachers will share pupils' individual figures for attendance at Parent Meetings in the Autumn and Spring Term. This will then be published and shared at the end of Year in each child’s End of School year Report. 

We expect the following from parents and carers:

• To ensure their children attend school regularly and punctually

• To ensure contact is made with school, as soon as is reasonably practical, whenever their child is unable to attend by phone

• To ensure that their children arrive in school well prepared for the school day, having eaten breakfast

• To talk to a member of school staff about any problem or reason that may prevent them from attending school

• Inform the School of up-to-date contact numbers and details.