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The Staff

Miss Emma Grunnill
Headteacher BEd. Hons QTS NPQH
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Premises Responsible Person
Mr Graham Simpson
Deputy Headteacher, SENDCO, 
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Year 3/4
Miss Lauren Langdon

Reception/Year 1 and RE lead

Mrs Clare Middleton
Year 6
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Literacy lead
Mrs Elizabeth Morton

Year 4/5  and Science lead

Miss Kate Stuckey
Years 1 and 2
KS1 lead
PE/art lead
Mrs Helen Newton
Years 1 and  2
Maths lead
Mrs Natasha Gaylard
Teaching Assistant and ELSA
Mrs Hannah Macey Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Marie Lockwood Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vicky Kewley Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Jenny Pennock Teaching Assistant,  Lunchtime supervisor and Breakfast club supervisor
Mrs Amanda Kemp Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss India Essex Sports Apprentice
Mrs Karen Britton Administrative Officer/Clerk to the Local Governing Body
Mrs Sathya Caddick Finance officer - SAST  
Mrs Denise Kemp Dining Supervisory Assistant, Cleaner-In-Charge
Mrs Terri Adams Catering Assistant
Mrs Rachel Cooper Cleaner  
Mr Darren  Eveleigh Part time Caretaker