...a secure Christian environment in which consideration and respect for self and others, can be fostered..

School aims


Your school is a gem.

Quote from Salisbury Diocese Advisor


...achieving the highest standards of which children are capable in all areas of academic and personal development...

School aims


The roots to grow, the wings to fly...

School motto


...fostering a positive and responsible attitude in children towards their environment...

School aims


Shared expectations of behaviour and positive relationships in our school

All members of the school community should:

Keep the 3 school rules!

Follow instructions

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Respect everyone and everything


What does this look like?


Walking on the paths around the school in an orderly fashion

Entering and leaving the assembly hall quietly and with respect

Keeping feet on the ground – walls and benches are not for climbing and jumping from

Holding doors open for visitors and parents

Using positive language

Showing very good manners, “please”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome”

Being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment

Being honest and trustworthy.


Positive consequences!

Stickers, star of the day/week, house points, certificate, a note home, a class

treat, visit to the Headteacher.


Negative consequences!

Warning/s, loss of break time or privilege, yellow or red card, phone call home,

visit to the Headteacher.