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...a secure Christian environment in which consideration and respect for self and others, can be fostered..

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Your school is a gem.

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...achieving the highest standards of which children are capable in all areas of academic and personal development...

School aims


...fostering a positive and responsible attitude in children towards their environment...

School aims


Dear Parents and Carers


 19th  20th  21st  22nd  OCTOBER 2020 4pm – 5.30pm

October sees the first opportunity for you to come into school and discuss your child’s progress. Staff are looking forward to meeting with you and sharing insights of your child.

This time we will be running parents’ evening in a different way to ensure we comply with health and safety. 6 appointments will be offered per evening on the dates above. Appointments will be strictly 10 minutes and the teacher will be spaced 2m distance from you. Masks do not have to be worn inside but it is parental choice. Entrance to and exit from the site will be through the top playground. If you need to discuss something at length, please book an appointment with the staff member at another time. If you are uncomfortable coming into the school building, we can offer you a phone call at an alternative time. Please let the staff member know in this instance through Google classroom. 

Meetings will take place in the children’s classrooms. We will be asking you to queue outside the building in which your child’s classroom is located. There will be signage to help you.

Churchwell class: outside the classroom door in the EYFS playground

Underdown Hollow: outside the classroom door in the Key Stage 1 playground (up steps)

Great Western: outside the conservatory door in vegetable garden

Five Bridges: outside the brown door in the top playground

Silverlake: outside the door to the classroom

The teacher will come and get you when they are ready. Please note that we will NOT be running a childcare facility or refreshments this time so please ensure you take your children into appointments with you or arrange childcare. I’m afraid that we cannot allow them to play outside on school grounds unsupervised.

To book an appointment: we will send a link to your mobile phone and email address which will take you to our online booking system where you can select a convenient time for you. Please follow these instructions to book your slot:
1. Click on the link that you receive through text or email to take you to the confirmation page. You will need internet access to do this.

  1. Enter your child’s first name to continue. If you have more than one child, any of their first names will work.
  2. Next you will be taken to the booking page. This will show your children and the teachers you can book with.
  3. Click ‘Please Choose’ to be shown a list of available times that you can click to book. This will even give you the option to add any notes that you might want the teacher to see before the meeting.
  4. After you have entered any notes, please click ‘Book this Slot’ to complete your booking. When the button has turned green, you know your booking has been made.
  5. At any time before parents’ evening, you can click on the link and on your phone/email again to check your time or even unbook by clicking the green button.

If you cannot attend please let the office know in advance. If you have more than one child, it is best not to book consecutive appointments. Please look out for a text or email in due course.

We look forward to seeing you.

Kind regards

Miss Grunnill