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Bradford Abbas is a village of about 1,000 people just on the Dorset side of the Dorset-Somerset border. The nearest towns are Sherborne to the east and Yeovil to the west. Although many villages in our part of the country are ribbon villages, spread out mostly along the main road, the streets of Bradford Abbas criss-cross each other, meaning that the built up area almost forms a square. All around us is farmland, split between arable land and grassland for dairy cattle and sheep. The railway line between Exeter and London Waterloo runs through the middle of the village and our nearest stations are Sherborne and Yeovil Junction.  Yeovil Junction is actually not in Yeovil at all but in the village of Stoford, where quite a few St. Mary's children live. There is another Yeovil station called Pen Mill which is only a few miles from Bradford Abbas. Here you can catch a train south to Weymouth or north to Bath or Bristol. The River Yeo runs through the southern edge of Bradford Abbas and forms the boundary of our school playing field on one side.

The village has a church (St. Mary's - just across the road from the school), a village hall (just next door to the school), a pub called the Rose and Crown and a shop/post office. In the north-west corner of the village we have a Sports and Social Club where lots of people play football, cricket, tennis, skittles and snooker.

There is a book all about our village called "Bradford Abbas: The History of a Dorset Village" which was written by Eric Garrett (ISBN No. 0-85010-547-2).  If you come across any facts on this website that make you say "Well, fancy that", there's a pretty good chance that we found them in Mr. Garrett's book. Sadly, Mr. Garrett died in 2006, but he will be remembered for a very long time for the hard work he did for our local community.

In Bradford Abbas we have a monthly newsletter called the Pennant which is delivered to every house.  There are many local clubs, societies and groups and if you wish to join one or find out more, we suggest that you check in the Pennant for the contact details you need.

If you notice any errors or omissions in our list, please contact the school to let us know.

  • Beavers
  • Bradford Amblers
  • Bradford Abbas Camera Club
  • Bradford Abbas Pre-school
  • Bradford Abbas Sports & Recreational Club
  • Bradford Abbas Toddler Group
  • Bradford Abbas Variety Club
  • Bradford Abbas Youth Club
  • Brownies
  • Cricket Club
  • Cubs
  • Dorset Wildlife Trust - Sherborne Group
  • Friendship Club
  • Historical Society
  • Horticultural Society
  • Parish Council
  • Rainbows
  • Royal British Legion
  • Royal British Legion (Women's Section)
  • Sherborne Scouts
  • St Mary's Bell Ringers
  • St Mary's Church Heritage Fund
  • St Mary's Circle Of Friends
  • St Mary's Fellowship
  • St Mary's Ladies Circle Of Friends
  • St Mary's School PTA
  • Sequence Dancing Club
  • Variety Club
  • Youth Cricket Club
  • Women's Institute