Your school is a gem.

Quote from Salisbury Diocese Advisor


...achieving the highest standards of which children are capable in all areas of academic and personal development...

School aims


The roots to grow, the wings to fly...

School motto


...fostering a positive and responsible attitude in children towards their environment...

School aims


...a secure Christian environment in which consideration and respect for self and others, can be fostered..

School aims

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May 2022

Mon 9 May

09:00 - Year 6 SATs week

18:00 - PTA meeting

Tue 17 May

15:30 - Girls' football , Location:

Fri 20 May

13:00 - Local governing board meeting

Tue 24 May

09:00 - Class photos

Fri 27 May

09:00 - Jubilee celebration day - wear red, white and blue

Mon 30 May

08:46 - HALF TERM STARTS , Location: