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Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023-24

Sports Funding audit and Impact Statement 2023-24

School Development Plan 2023-24

SEND report 2022-23

Sports funding audit and Impact Statement 2022-23

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-23

OFSTED report 2022

Sports funding audit and Impact Statement 2021-22

Safeguarding report 2020-21

SEND report 2021

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-22

Parent Questionnaire November 2021

School Development Plan 2021-22

Information for parents 2021-22

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Sept 2021

COVID19 Outbreak Management Plan September 2021

Remote learning offer January 2021

Safeguarding report 2019-20

SEND report 20-21

Covid Catch Up Plan 2020-21

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-21

Sports funding audit and Impact Statement 20-21

School Development Plan 2020-21

Visitor Protocol Covid19

School Operating Plan Covid19 September 2020

Covid19 Risk assessment revised July 2020

Pupil Premium Strategy 19-20

School Development Plan 2019-20

Information for parents 2019/20

Sports funding audit and Impact Statement 19-20

Annual Parent Questionnaire March 19

Pupil Premium Strategy 18-19

Sports funding audit and Impact Statement 2018-19

Information for parents 2018-19

School Development Plan 2018-19

SEND Report to Governors 2018-19

SAST Recruitment Privacy notice

SAST Parent/carer Privacy notice

SAST Pupil Privacy notice

SAST Parent/carer letter GDPR

SAST Workforce Privacy notice

Sports funding audit and Impact statement 17-18

Pupil Premium Strategy 17-18

Governors annual SEND report 2017

School Development Plan 2017-18

Information for parents 2017/18

SIAMs report June 2017

Pupil Premium Strategy 16-17

Sports funding audit and Impact statement 16-17

Sports Funding Information 2015-16

School Development Plan 2016-17

Governors annual SEND report 2016 

Pupil Premium Statement 15-16

Results of the Annual Parent Questionnaire July 2016

St Mary's Financial Information 2015-16

E-safety and anti bullying newsletter for parents from SSCT Autumn 2015

Governors Annual SEND report 2015

School Development Plan 2015-2016

Sports funding information 14-15

Pupil Premium Statement 14-15

Results of the Annual Parent Questionnaire July 2015

Pupil Premium Statement 13-14

Information for Parents 2015-16

Life without levels - Factsheet for parents October 2014

Governors' Annual SEN report 2014

SEND local offer September 2014

Pupil Premium Guarantee September 2014

DFE Information on SEND reforms for Parents and Carers August 2014

Results of the Annual Parent Questionnaire July 2014

Sports funding information 2013

Governors' Annual SEN report 2013

Children with Special educational needs - information for Parents

Results of Parent Questionnaire 2013

Booktrust flier for Reception parents

Reading flier - how to help your child excel

Attendance flier

Governors'  Annual SEN report 2012

Results of Parent Questionnaire Summer 2012

SIAS report June 2012 - report from Salisbury Diocese

Rights Respecting Schools' report from UNICEF June 2012

Parent Questionnaire Summer 2010